Seeya later Alligator! 2016.

Hard to believe it’s nearly the end of 2016, once again it’s flown by. So here is our year in review in the Wild West!

Had a great start to the year with a visit by my beloved Prosecco “sister” Liani, from Sydney and we enjoyed some good winey times and lots of laughs in Margaret River and around the traps.



And just to prove we do drink more than prosecco, here we are enjoying a very fine Rose’ from Amiria winery.

My cuzzie bro aka, Cheryl, also visited all the way from the Atherton Tablelands and we had a lovely time.


We had huge celebrations in Brisbane for my special “0” birthday and it was just fantastic to see everybody and have a catchup (although my liver may have not been so happy!!!).  My heart was full from being together with my “mob”, i.e. Harley, my siblings and families and friends.  It was the most perfect birthday weekend. And it’s true, all you need is love and prosecco!!!!






Hope nobody minds that I’ve used their pics on this!!!!

We had our nephews visit at Easter and then their Mum also came over.  Lots of fun was had.





My bestie Billie came to visit in September and we had a fantastic road trip south.


We had lots more amazing WA experiences, explored some new places and returned to others.

Broome and the Dampier Peninsula is always stunning although this year we went a bit earlier and we nearly did melt!

The fishin magician and his fisherwife!!!
The fishin magician and his fisherwife!!!


A Kimberley sunrise!



A Kimberley sunset.


the snorkelling beach
Cape Leveque


At the other end of the weather scale we camped in Albany in November and froze!!!!  Just another stunning area with mountain ranges, rolling green hills and sparkling water and bays.

Oh and Greg caught the biggest fish of his life, a monster from the deep. A samson fish, caught and released.









We moved out of our city apartment into the burbs but nice and close to the beach. It was great to be in the city with views like this but we are enjoying being in a house and having more room and a garden.


Due to the amount of time I spend walking and exercising, I have become a tiny bit obsessed with the plants and trees growing in Kings Park and the wildflowers, oh my lordy, they make me so happy!  I’m sure anybody who follows my instagram will have had enough of my flower pics!  But just to prove my point.!


Merry Christmas to you and yours and hope your Christmas and festive season is happy, healthy, safe and peaceful.



2 thoughts on “Seeya later Alligator! 2016.

  1. OUR CHRISTMAS WISH FOR YOU BOTH : May we take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a Happy and Peaceful Christmas. A New Year filled with Love and Many Happy Memories and Cheers to Health and Safe Travels wherever your Journey may take you. Love Lyn and Graham.

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