To Broome and Back!

Well the year is flying by and as we’re about to head off on a camper trailer trip to beautiful Albany next weekend I realised that I still have not done a post about our trip that we did to Broome and the Dampier Peninsula back in May.

Even though we’ve been there before I am still stunned by the sunsets and the colours, find more amazing places to explore, and am embracing the red dirt that gets into everything!  Probably shouldn’t have taken my new thongs which are now a red kimberley dirt colour!!

This trip we met up with my sis and bro-in-law (H & C) and we stayed in the log cabins on the eastern beach side of Kooljaman Cape Leveque.  They were very basic and we had a share shower/toilet between our two cabins.  But they did the job (thank god for mosquito nets!!) and were very close to the beach and one had lovely views.

Our cabins
Our cabins
the snorkelling beach
the snorkelling beach

It was really hot when we went this time so we spent a lot of time in the water, the others did lots of snorkelling and I did lots of lounging around in my water hammock!!  By all reports the snorkelling was amazing and they saw lots and lots of fish of various colours and sizes (parrot fish and honeycomb cod) including a resident huge rock cod and small stingrays and were all pretty amazed at how good it was. And the beach itself was pretty stunning with the coloured rocks around it.



Because we were the only people crazy enough to go to Cape Leveque that early in the season (way too hot!!) there was no crowds to contend with and it was fantastic.


Sista getting her fishing mojo on
Sista getting her fishing mojo on

Obviously when you’re at Cape Leveque the most important thing you must do every day is watch the sunset with a nice cold sundowner beverage of choice!  The sunsets did not disappoint.





And although I didn’t get up quite that early, my bro can prove that the sunrise’s were nearly as good.


Amazing sunrise
Amazing sunrise

We did a day trip to One Arm Point and did some fishing – not catching – just fishing!  But hey it was nice and cool and relaxing so who cares!



The fishin magician and his fisherwife!!!
The fishin magician and his fisherwife!!!

And the western beach was stunning and we had a bit more luck there with Greg landing a nice queenie from the beach.







Back in Broome we had one last sunset before 3 days of monsoonal rain came which was also lovely.







There was a cruise ship in town and I just love the way it completely dwarfs the town jetty.


Below shots are from Riddell Beach which is just along from Gantheaume Point.



And what would a post about Broome be without the obligatory boab tree shot!! #crazytreelady!!!


And the boab nuts!



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