Blackwood River Valley

For our latest jaunt away we headed south to the Blackwood River Valley but this time decided on some creature comforts due to it being bloody freezing there and I was hanging for a fire and some chilling out time!  So we rented a cottage on a property literally in the middle of nowhere but came complete with alpaca’s, sheep, goats, views and lovely gardens and lots of citrus trees.  Of course we started and ended the weekend with lunch at a winery.

First one was Smallwater Estate and they farm their own marron  so the pie I had to have (yummy  . . . but not worth the price!)






The property we stayed on was located at Greenbushes which is about 25kms from Bridgetown which is commonly called Fridgetown for very obvious reasons, it’s the winter capital of WA apparently!





We had a good walk around Bridgetown and went to do a walk beside the river but as you can see there has been a lot (LOT) of rain here this winter and the Blackwood has broken its banks and covered the walking tracks!




Now although I could not buy a bottle of prosecco at the local bottle shop (the girl behind the counter said “what, how do you spell that!) it wasn’t all bad.  We moseyed along to the Taste of the Blackwood Valley festival at the Town Civic Centre and came away with a stash of local goodies, – jarrah honey, old fashioned tomato chutney, spicy tomato sauce, streaky bacon from chestnut fed porkers, creme brulee, beef and beef sausages, feta and ash brie cheese and the list goes on.  I love a weekend where we come home with more than we took!!!  OMG, I need to go walking just looking at this list!






Greenbushes has a history as an old tin mine and this pic below is from the old open cut tin mine but in the distance you can see a big mine wall and in behind that is a huge new mine that is open cut and underground and they are mining lithium – i.e. so they are doing really well according to our host Christine. But didn’t know it was there because it’s not really widely advertised.




We headed up towards the Ferguson Valley on the way home and went via Gnomesville! OMG, I’m not sure what to say about this place, but it’s now a tourist attraction and the local shire maintain the pathways and do the mowing etc.  It started with just one little gnome and now has gone nuts and people from far and wide and all different groups and clubs take their gnome there and leave a message etc.  The moral of this story is be careful what you start!!!





And we finished the weekend with a lovely lunch and 7 bottles to take home from St Aidan Wines.  There is lots more wineries and places to explore in the Ferguson Valley so we’ll have to leave that for another adventure.






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