The Great Southern

On our recent trip to Denmark and Albany we took a detour and headed off the Albany Highway to check out the small towns of Narrogin, Katanning and Wagin.  Really nice drive at this time of year through cattle and sheep farms and they are all lush and green.  It was such a scenic drive past all the fields of stunning flowering canola.  Just beautiful.

20150924_134045 20150924_134050


The most interesting thing that we came across was the “Big” Ram at Wagin.  I don’t think there’s any story behind this guy, apart from the fact that there are a LOT of sheep farms around.  (And we did drive past an abattoir with lots of sheep grazing in the paddocks – I tried not to look and think of roast lamb!!)




Narrogin TownHall
Narrogin TownHall

Downtown Katanning

I know I say it all the time bang on about how beautiful this state is but seriously, this area known as the Great Southern, OMG, it’s stunning!!!   Mind you, I’ve been told the area around Esperance is even more beautiful but I haven’t been so I can’t comment!!  So back to amazing – !!  beautiful coastline and colours of the Southern ocean.  I cannot wait to go back in summer and swim (and snorkel) in that water.


Greens Pool
Greens Pool
Elephant Rocks
Elephant Rocks



A black stingray passing by when we were fishing.
A black stingray passing by when we were fishing.



We went to Albany and visited the National Anzac Centre. Albany is the site from which the first and second convoys of ANZAC’S left from in World War 1.  It’s located on King George Sound and is a beautiful spot. Hard to imagine the presence of hundreds of ships and even the odd submarine gathered here waiting to depart.  The Anzac Centre is interesting and well worth a visit and the views are spectacular.






A panoramic shot.
A panoramic shot.


We ventured to Old Kent Winery one day in search of fresh farmed marron as the people who own the winery have a farm.  Now notice some of the marron are a bright blue colour. This is apparently some weird genetic thing that some get but they are exactly the same as the brown/black ones. They just don’t go so bright orange when cooked.







We stayed just outside of Denmark in a house with awesome views of the inlet, ocean and farms and it was hard to actually tear ourselves away and go exploring with that view.  We had lovely cool weather and it was nice to have a fire every night.

There’s some great wineries around Denmark, Albany and Mt Barker and they are regarded as cool climate wines.  Most we didn’t get to but that just means we need to go back to explore some more!!  Any excuse!!

Our weekend digs
Our weekend digs
Prosecco fireside, what else could you want!!!
Prosecco fireside, what else could you want!!!
Our view
Our view





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