Margaret River fun

Ok so everybody has heard of this famous wine region and we have visited a couple of times but there’s more to Marg than meets the eye!   It’s a relatively small area from Cape to Cape that encompasses some amazing coastline and I tell you for such a small area there’s a bloody lot of wineries!  We’ve only been to a handful which is good because it means each time we visit we can go to new ones!  There’s also these amazing cave formations in the area and is another example of things to do that are not wine related!! There about 150 caves in the area but only a handful you can walk through. We enjoyed it and next time we’ll visit a different one.

Margaret River is also quite the foodie destination and so there’s cheese, chocolate, olive oil, and all those good things that go along with a place like this.  Like I said there’s lots to see and do and it gets really busy and touristy but it’s still a pretty place with lots of variety.  And the coastline is spectacular.



Laurence winery is famous for it’s “Chick on a Stick” statue in the pond but it’s also a really lovely winery with gorgeous grounds and the flashest ladies toilet I have ever seen, complete with artworks.!!




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