Kings Park – Awesome in every season

We live just down the street from Kings Park and so a lot of our walks and bike riding involves getting up to the park and enjoying the surroundings. The majority of Kings Park has been left as natural bushland and it has bush tracks going all through it and it’s huge. To be honest I have fallen in love with Kings Park and I can’t put my finger on the exact reason. It’s definitely the jewel in Perth’s crown and so they have a huge amount of staff and it’s maintained and mowed and fertilised and just looks amazing all the time. The views over the Swan and the city from up in the park are amazing and I think that I’m just drawn to the fact that the park is up so high and so it’s a different perspective on a typical city view!


It’s the war memorial with the best view!



Check out the photo of the Dragon tree that I came across being transported into the park on one of my early morning walks, it’s over 80 years old and was “donated” to the park but it cost a fortune to save it and transport and transplant it but I think it’s worth it. It’s the weirdest looking “tree” – I think it’s in fact classed as a grass – but it seems to be surviving!



And now Spring has sprung and the park has it’s annual festival so they have “dressed” up some of the trees, they call it funky trunks!! The wildflowers are divine. So beautiful.




The gum tree below is called the Queen’s Gum, it was planted by Lizzie here 60 years ago, it’s looking good and now it’s all frocked up for the festival.!






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