Weekend jaunt to Dongara / Port Denison

One of the best things about Perth that I didn’t realise when we decided to move here was that there are lots of really interesting and scenic drives and places and little towns that are worth a visit and are less than 5 hours away. With this in mind we decided last minute to visit the twin towns of Dongara/Port Denison last weekend. These two towns are split by the Irwin river and reached by driving north for 4 hours along the Indian Ocean Drive, which at the moment is stunning because it’s wildflower season. It’s also a lovely drive through sheep and cattle farm country and is really green and lush at the moment. Dongara/Port Denison is not a thriving metropolis by any stretch of the imagination but has a huge marina with a big lobster boat fleet (which are called wet boats?) and some lovely beaches with lots of little outlying reefs. And as luck would have it, one of the boats was selling fresh whole fish on Sunday morning so our weekend bounty which went home with us was a nice little snapper and a cooked lobster for dinner on Sunday night!
We stayed in a cabin on the Port Denison side next to the marina which was fine but the best bit was that we were front and centre for an amazing sunset. I never tire of that sun sinking into the Indian ocean!! Cold glass of prosecco and a sunset, what more could a girl want!!












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