Always fun to reflect!!!

Western beach Cape Leveque
Western beach Cape Leveque


Sunset view from Bar and Grill at Cable beach resort
Sunset view from Bar and Grill at Cable beach resort
Of course sunset at the lighthouse is a must do
Of course sunset at the lighthouse is a must do
Lunch view from the cafe at the port, looking back over roebuck bay to broome
Lunch view from the cafe at the port, looking back over roebuck bay to broome





Kilometres                            13,634

National Parks                        About 10

Dirt/sandy/rocky/extremely rocky- roads/

tracks/beaches/riverbeds              Lots –  well over 2000 kilometres

Corrugations                          Millions!!! Poor DMax.

Sang “On the road again”            Every time we headed to a new location.

Finger waves to oncoming cars         Thousands

People we met and talked to           Everywhere we camped and everybody was so friendly, just lovely

Dinner under the stars                Approximately 80

Campfires                             Lots but not enough

Injuries                              One from collecting fire wood!

Camper unpacking/packing up           Approximately 50 times

Swims – beach and gorges              Always cool and refreshing!! But I think the ocean swim in the beautiful blue water at Cable Beach after being on Gibb river road for two weeks was my fave.

Bags of ice                           75 or thereabouts (have to keep the Princesses’ prosecco cold!!)

Shells                                Got myself a new collection!!

Crocodiles                            Enough to know that swimming in NT and Kimberly not always a good idea!!

Snakes                                4

Emu’s                                About 20 including 5 having a bath at Denham

Dolphins/Turtles                      Beautiful, lots

Humpback Whales                       One of my highlights, lots and lots around Exmouth

Birds                                 Too many to list but love the black cockatoos on the Gibb River Road, Jabirus in Kakadu & Emus of course

Tropic of Capricorn                   Crossed twice!

Indian Ocean Views and sunsets        So many and each one left us feeling appreciative for this journey!! The journey of life that is!

New windscreen                        One

Breakdowns                            Zero

Punctures                             Zero

Fuel                                  Couldn’t bear to keep a record of the cost!!! Most expensive $2.10/litre diesel

Fresh fish dinners                    A few but, Not enough!!

Memories                              Countless and absolutely priceless – Trip of a lifetime!

Greg’s List of Credits;              The Prosecco princess for being a wonderful travelling companion.

Isuzu D-Max for being a tough truck

ARB for great Suspension over all the corrugations

Pioneer Camper for being a great home for our three month trip

All the remote bottle shops that stocked Prosecco, made the Princess happy!

The weather gods, no rain until last few days

Andy from North bound charters, Rob caught her first barra and I landed two threadfin salmon over a metre long

The Victorians we met at a roadhouse in the NT for my one and only hangover (worth it)

Willie Nelson for “on the road again”!!


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