Overnight at the horizontal “hotel”

The decision was made to go to see the horizontal falls in the Buccaneer Archipelago, so we knew there was a seaplane and jet boat involved but then we decided to stay out there overnight and it became so much more.
We were part of a group of 26 who stayed out, 2 x 14 seat seaplanes and one very fast jet boat with 3 x 300hp outboards on the back!! Now we all know I”m never keen to take to the skies but I refuse to let my fear stop us from seeing some amazing places and I was so glad we did this trip. We all had our own airconditioned cabin onboard a 2 storey huge houseboat and add in a bbq barramundi dinner, full moon on talbot bay, up close encounters with sharks and a beautiful huge Qld groper and lots of fast adrenalin rushing trips through the falls on the jetboat and you’ve got a fantastic experience. It’s also so remote and beautiful that it simply is amazing.
Additional bonus was you could take your own wine so I took a little bit of Italy to remote Talbot Bay and sipped on prosecco while the sun set and the moon gave us a show!

We also had the celebrity factor, Paul Kelly was also staying overnight, he bunked down in the staff houseboat but did mingle with us while eating his cereal for brekky!! Pity he didn’t sing us a few tunes, now that would have been cool!!


Derby airport terminal
Derby airport terminal



feeding the friendly locals
feeding the friendly locals


Mud flat art!
Mud flat art!

horizontal falls photo by greg in plane
behind the falls outgoing tide
moonlight views

barramundi farm
barramundi farm


sunset over Talbot Bay
sunset over Talbot Bay
amazing scenery on the way to the Buccaneer archipelago
amazing scenery on the way to the Buccaneer archipelago


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