Wyndham in the north

Just a quick post because i felt that i didn’t really do Wyndham any justice by just putting up our brag fishing photos. It’s a strange little place and there really is not much there but the view from the Bastion which is a big hill behind the town is amazing. It looks out over the 5 rivers lookout and each afternoon all the visitors that are in town and a lot of the locals go up there for sunset drinks. It’s also a noisy nighttime place because they ship iron ore out of the port and from about 3 each morning the road trains start trucking the ore through town from the mine to the port and it goes on all day. They do 74 loads per day!
There was also Fuzzy, the lonely donkey who lives in the caravan park. He’s a funny ole fellow who apparently use to have a horse for a mate, who died, so then some local gave him a goat for a friend and he outlived them as well so now he lives in the park and just visits everybody for a pat. I was sitting doing my blog on the computer and he just marched up and starting scratching his neck on my chair!!!WP_20140724_004

Five rivers lookout
Five rivers lookout

grabbing some quick internet time before we left wyndham
grabbing some quick internet time before we left wyndham

wyndham jetty
wyndham jetty


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